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Information and guidelines for reviewers

Thank you for being an important part of the ACM TRETS community. Your expertise and knowledge are a significant contributing factor to the quality of the journal, and we greatly appreciate your time and efforts.

All reviews for TRETS will be done online, at the ACM Manuscript Central, using the account you will use to obtain the manuscript. Please note that in keeping up with the journal's goal of reasonable review duration, we ask that your review be done within 6 weeks after a manuscript has been assigned to you. Your understanding of this matter and your cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Papers for TRETS must be research-oriented, of high quality, and within the journal's areas of coverage. Papers that are published should present novel, research-oriented material with high technical quality.

Papers should be relevant to reconfigurable computing, reconfigurable systems, or the underlying technology that is or could be used for reconfigurable systems.

Clear and effective presentation is essential for getting across a technical message. Problems in writing, style, and organization should be addressed by the reviewers so that readers will be able to understand the technical material without ambiguity and reproduce the experiments. (These sentences are under revision; it would be sadly ironic if the exhortation for clear writing were itself not clear and well written.)

Papers whose primary focus is on particular products or that appear to be marketing presentations should be rejected.

TRETS will consider extended versions of conference papers for publication; however, authors of such papers must make substantial enhancements to the conference versions, must alert the Editors that the paper is an extended version, and include with their submission a copy of the earlier publication as well as a letter indicating the enhancements the authors have made to the earlier publication.

Reviewers should elect not to review a paper if they believe a conflict of interest might exist. Reviewers are asked to err on the side of caution in avoiding even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Referees are asked to analyse a paper thoroughly and report on: relevance to the journal, originality, clarity, technical soundness, quality of reported results, appropriateness of references and of related work. In addition, reviewers should provide suggestions about how the author(s) can improve the paper. Note that ACM Publishing will edit all manuscripts to correct minor typographical errors prior to publication, so reviewers need not focus on identifying such errors. Eventually, reviewers should suggest to the TRETS editor one of the following actions: reject the paper, accept after a major revision, accept after a minor revision or accept without any changes.


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